Parrot Island Band

Parrot Island Band

Bry, Linda and KevinThe Parrot Island Band from Atlanta, Georgia, is a Jimmy Buffett tribute band that was nominated as the Trop Rock Music Award Duo/Trio of the year for 2009-2011. We are a “Trop-Rock” trio, available for parties, cookouts, wedding, fundraisers, corporate events… if you are looking for excellent Jimmy Buffett music at an affordable price, look no further! As we like to say, we are “Jimmy Buffett on a budget”.

Linda and Bry at Roberts Elem Library 4-24-12For smaller events and venues, Bry and Linda Harris (the Parrot Island Band duo) may be just what you are looking for. We love parrotheads, Buffett/Trop-Rock music and we also play a growing number of original songs that are currently being played on radio stations from Key West to California (and even Alaska!).




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