There Is No Place Like Home


There Is No Place Like Home

There is no place like home. I was reminded of this statement today as good friend and Parrot Island Band conga player, Kevin Garrelts, took a quick trip to the Tidewater area where I grew up.

Keving GArrelts of the Parrot Island Band

Just hearing that Kevin was heading to Norfolk and eating at Smithfield Station (in Smithfield , VA.) brought back a flood of memories. My dad built a golf course in Smithfield when I was about 13 years old. Interestingly, I looked up the course on Google Earth and I could see outlines of certain holes but could also see that the course had been abandoned for some time.

As I looked at the faint outline of Golf Land (later renamed Smithfield Downs golf course), I was reminded that you can erase something from physical existence, but it is much harder to erase from one’s memory. I was also reminded that as I have aged, the concept of home has grown, shifted and yet maintained some roots to my childhood.

When I think of home today, I think about Linda (my wife), Jennifer and Chris (daughter and son). I also view home as an emotional place where I feel accepted, loved and supported. Home is more about relationships today the than roads, houses and playgrounds of my youth.

Having said that, the rivers, lakes and ocean of the Tidewater area remain a large part of who I am today. The songs I sing, write and enjoy are often about these themes. While Tidewater is not an island, it is the foundation for much of what has become the Parrot Island Band. In future posts I will look at the impact the blend of beaches, Jimmy Buffett and tropical themes have had upon me over the years.

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  1. Sandy Lusk says:

    Bry: I did not grow up in Tidewater territory; however, I have visited it many, many times. I grew up in Greensboro, NC – ended up in Georgia in my pre-teens but was blessed to have a job that took me to Williamsburg, VA about once a month for around 15 years. Loved the area – always took the backroads from Richmond Airport to Williamsburg and visited the magnificent plantations, the James River and the historical relics that make this area unique. Loved the way the trees formed a canopy across the backroads and the urge to stop and explore all along the way. What a beautiful area of this great country awaits you in the Virginia countryside………………absolutely fell in love on my first visit!!! It is easy to see how it could make an impact on the foundation of life……………it evidently was a good thing for you!!!!!!!!! It gave you strength, it set your boundries and you cherish the memories (and that is all we can ask of a homeplace……….) Lookig forward to the July “Parrot Island Band” concert in Cartersville. Want to do some “Buffet-like” promotions with a Parrothead theme – stay tuned………….

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