John Reno House Concert


John Reno House Concert

Last night John Reno was in town for a house concert and we (Linda and Bry) dropped in to listen to some great stories and music. John is a great musician and I loved the informal setting which gave John a chance to share some of the background stories for his songs. The evening was put on by the Atlanta Trop Rock Alliance which has put on some great events (John Friday, Brent Burns, Hugo Duarte and Jeff Pike) and continues to schedule some of the country’s best Trop Rock musicians.

Parrot Island Band night out listening to John Reno

“Panman” Dart Fifer sat in for a few songs with John last night on the steel pan. Dart plays with a number of local steel pan bands and also with Jeff Pike (A1A) on some of his local gigs.  Dart and Linda spent a little time comparing steel pan techniques and although Dart did a fine job, Linda is still the prettiest steel pan player around (in my own humble opinion:).

Dart would fit in nicely on Parrot Island

I enjoyed John’s story related to his recent trip to New York. He and John Patti (a Trop Rock heart throb and excellent steel pan player) recently finished in the top 5 in a Folger’s Coffee jingle contest. While they didn’t win (as many of us hoped and believed they would), their success in this contest not only promoted Trop Rock music but also introduced their music to an even wider audience.

John has some wonderful stories about his dogs, his boats and his experiences as a professional musician. While we haven’t played with John, we did play in the same event a few years ago (Trop Rocks the Smokies). Hopefully we will have the opportunity to hear him again soon and maybe even play a few songs together.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend a house concert, you can always host one yourself. Invite a few friends over and a fun band (like the Parrot Island Band… just call 770-855-3404 and ask for Bry), and you can enjoy this wonderful setting for music in your own home. While we play many neighborhood events and parties, the house concert setting allows a musician to tell the stories (and you know I love telling stories) that inspired their songs. Although we enjoy being background at various events, there is something unique and enjoyable about house concerts. They can be held inside or out and can be put together with just a little effort and a few good friends.

One of the highlights of the evening actually took place on the way to the John Reno house concert. We stopped off at I-Hop for some pancakes and as we entered, we heard the song "I Got You Babe" playing. Last week at our marina gig, one of the ladies requested this Sonny and Cher classic 😉 and was a bit put off that we didn't have this song in our song list. Maybe this was a sign that we should add this song to our repetoire…nah:). Thanks again to John Reno for some wonderful music and until next time… beaches and blessings to you all.

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