Trop Rock Music Awards


Trop Rock Music Awards.

Parrot Island Band Nominated for trio of the year

Your help is needed. The Parrot Island Band was just nominated as the duo/trio of the year (third year in a row) for the Trop Rock Music awards to be held in Key West this November!  If you would like to help us please read further….

To vote for the Trop Rock Music Awards you have to be a member of the Margarita M.F.I.A. (Musicians Artists Fans In Alliance). You can join for $24 and receive a T-Shirt or for $15 without the shirt at the Trop Rock Music Association. They don’t make it very easy, you have to print out the membership form and then send in a check (then they will send you a ballot to vote for the music awards… and the Parrot Island Band).

If I haven’t lost you yet… why would winning this award be helpful to us? Primarily, it is our hope that winning this award would help us be invited to more of the wonderful Trop Rock events throughout the Trop Rock world. Also, winning this award would hopefully help us promote the Parrot Island Band here in the Atlanta area (and with our son just heading off to college, that would help a lot!) Finally, who doesn’t like winning awards and being recognized for your efforts?

I have to admit, to win this award would be a long shot. We are not as well known as some of the other nominees (we are considered a “regional” band while a couple of the others are “national” bands and are invited to bigger events… thus, more fans and more votes).  A vote for the Parrot Island Band is a vote for the underdog, but a lot of people pull for the little guys and I am hoping that maybe a few of you are one of them.

If you are still reading this, how about joining me in giving the favorite a run for their money? Also, if you know of anyone that might be the least bit interested in supporting us in this, please pass this on…I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for all of you who encourage and support us.. beaches and blessings to you all


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3 Responses
  1. Sandy James says:

    I am a new but devoted fan of the Parrot Island Band and they definitely receive my vote and recognition for The duo/trio of the year award.
    Yours Truly,

    Smiley S.

    • Sandy James says:

      I am a fan of the talented Parrot Island Band. And I think they dhould trceive the
      duo/trio or the year award.
      Smiley S.

  2. Sandy James says:

    I am a fan of rhe Parrot Island Band and i think they deserve the duo/trio of the year award.


    Sandy James

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