Under Those Balmy Palms

Under Those Balmy Palms

Bry Harris uke





Under those Balmy Palms. There are still three weeks until the Balmy Palms song contest is over.  My song, Under Those Balmy Palms is one of the three songs chosen as a finalist and I have been busy trying to get the word out. Some of the neat byproducts of promoting the song contest have been:

Ø      > I have had folks let me know they have voted for me from (among other places) Ecuador, Canada, Alaska, Singapore, Australia and England!

Ø     > I have heard from a number of high school friends who have voted and sent along encouraging words (some I hadn’t heard from in several years… nice to reconnect a bit on Facebook).

Ø    > My Dad had a chance to hear my song… and I got his vote! 🙂

Ø     > I received a vote from Heidi Swedberg, actress who played “Susan” on “Seinfeld” (she is also a talented ukulele player who was kind enough to let me interview her a few months back).

Ø      > It has been very nice to contact friends about voting and find out that they had already voted…

Ø   > Several of my friends (and even acquaintances) have asked their friends to vote (greatly appreciated).

> Having contacted friends, family, acquaintances, Parrotheads, people we have played for, ukulele clubs and everyone I could possibly think of, I am now trying to have a little fun with the contest.  

Here are a few pictures I have been sharing to try and get people’s attention in a creative way…

Bry Harris Under Those Balmy Palms


Under Those Balmy Palms Bry Harris

Coming this week

Under Those Balmy Palms Bry Harris






Under Those Balmy Palms Bry Harris









While there is no way to know where I stand in this song contest, I feel good about the way I have promoted my song and the Balmy Palms company.  Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and kind words…

Until next time…

Beaches and blessings,

Bry Harris

Kala ukulele Bry aa









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